High-intensity magnets for DAFNE

The new quadrupoles for the DAFNE collider interaction section are ready to be installed on the machine. These magnets will provide focusing the beams interacting in the vertical plane and are very important to enable e+e– colliders to reach high luminosities. 

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LHCb explores the secrets of antimatter

For the first time LHCb measured the difference between matter and antimatter in D0 mesons, particles composed of a charm quark and an up antiquark. The difference in the behaviour of matter and antimatter, known as CP violation, is one of the key processes to understand why the Universe

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From the 11th to the 15th of March 2019, LNF will host the 15th edition of IPPOG-International Particle Physics Masterclass, the stage addressed to students in their last year of high school.

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ESPP2020 moving towards Granada

The more than 160 contributions to the European Strategy for Particle Physics 2020, produced by Research Institutes, Laboratories, collaborations and groups of researchers active in high energy physics and related technologies, are now freely accessible. That is crucial to drawing up the document outlining the sector perspectives in the years ahead

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Farewell to Pio Picchi

Pio Picchi, a very unique scientist, passed away. With his original contributions, especially in the field of detector development, he had been marking the history of INFN experimental physics for 50 years.

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