External funds

Research projects at The National Laboratories of Frascati (LNF) are funded by public and private entities: European Commission (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020), MIUR, MAECI (high importance projects in bilateral agreements with extra-Eu countries), MISE (Industry 2015, FIT, Industry 4.0), Regione Lazio and Regione Calabria (POR – FSE), NATO, ESA, ASI, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù, Silicon Valley Foundation (USA), John Templeton Foundation (USA).

The LNF External Funds Working Group coordinates all matters related to LNF research projects supported by external funds. The Group offers specialized support to those responding to calls for proposals, for projects involving external funding, as well as assistance in the development, implementation and reporting requirements for these projects.

The Working Group also coordinates the administration of externally-funded research projects with the LNF Director, the National Service for External Funds and, when necessary, the Office of Technology Transfer.

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