The history of LNF

November, 1969

  • 17 November


    The higher energy and intensity evolution of AdA, ADONE, started the study of the electron-positron collisions physics in Frascati.

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February, 1961

  • 27 February

    AdA – Storage Ring

    In 1961, at the National Laboratories of Frascati, a small team of young physicists and engineers, under the leadership of the theoretical physicists Bruno Touschek, designed and built AdA, the first particle-antiparticle collider. Electrons and positrons, circulating in one ring at the same speed but in opposite directions, annihilating and turning all the initial energy into new particles.

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February, 1959

  • 9 February


    The Electron Synchrotron was the first high energy accelerator realized in Italy. It started operation in Frascati in 1959, delivering photon beams with energy between 0.4 and 1.1 GeV to the experiments, obtained by hitting the electron beam against a target inside the synchrotron vacuum vessel.

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