EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB User Workshop 2021

The first EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB User Workshop 2021 took place in hybrid mode with more than 140 international (from nine different countries) and domestic participants connected online over the two full days on October 14th and 15th, 2021.

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Accelerators for medical physics: new diagnostic tools using synchrotron radiation

Improving the tools available to the scientific community for medical diagnostics is one of the objectives of the research carried out by INFN through projects related to the physics of accelerators. The synchrotron light produced by the DAFNE accelerator of the Frascati National Laboratories is used for the analysis of materials including biological tissues, to identify their characteristics and define new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

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One year of eRAD in LAerospaZIO

The first year of operations of the project “eRAD – Tests of radiation resistance of aerospace components“ has ended. The eRAD project has been presented by INFN-LNF, IMT srl and ASI in the framework of “Strategic Porjects”, public notice by Lazio Region and will receive a grant of 857.597€.

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Mu2e: completed the calorimeter electronics tests

The LNF team together with the colleagues of INFN – Pisa Unit of the Mu2e collaboration, have recently successfully carried out the full test on the final readout electronics of the calorimeter, marking an important milestone for the realization of the experiment.

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ATLAS: towards Hi-Lumi with the New Small Wheel

An important milestone for the ATLAS upgrade project has been achieved: it has been completed the first wheel of the forward muon spectrometer required to cope the increase in luminosity foreseen in the upcoming phases of the LHC data taking.

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Sostegno all’editoria libraria – LNF Library

The Library and Scientific Documentation Service of the LNF, in August 2020, applied to the call Sostegno all’editoria libraria of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MIBAC), aimed at providing support to small bookstores and to the entire publishing chain, providing a financial contribution to libraries for the purchase of books.

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