International School of Science Journalism – 2018

The call for the 9th edition of the International School of Science Journalism of Erice (Eissj) opens today: 35 scholarships will be awarded to future journalists and science communicators, 30 for candidates from the European Union, 5 for applicants from the rest of the world.

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An e-learning portal for scientific dissemination

The relevant years of experience acquired by National Laboratory of Frascati in the dissemination field – especially in training activities for students and teachers – gave birth to a new instrument of scientific culture diffusion: the e-learning platform AccendiScienza.

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Light from compact linacs

Advanced linear-accelerator (linac) technology developed in various European Labs will be used to provide a new generation of compact machines, to be used in X-ray free-electron lasers and in other applications, such as in medical linacs.

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LNF leads the quest for understanding the foundations of Physics

Whether we can observe quantum superpositions (QSP) of macroscopic objects is arguably ‘the’ open question in quantum physics. An answer in the positive direction will boost the quest for the use of the weirdness of quantum mechanics in a much larger set of physical systems, not restricted to the microscopic world.

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The Asimov Award winners visit LNF

On Friday 10th of November National Laboratory of Frascati welcomed the sixty students who won the 2017 edition of the Asimov Award. They had the chance to visit the Laboratory for writing the best reviews of the works presented at the contest.

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2017 INFN International Evaluation Committee

The yearly meeting of INFN International Evaluation Committee (CVI) took place in Frascati on the 16th and 17th of October. As laid down in the Statute, Committee’s task is to comprehensively assess the scientific and technological results achieved by the Institution and the future development plans.

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