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A reflector for the Martian lander made in LNF

On the 5th of May at 4.05 am the NASA Martian lander InSight was successfully launched from the American Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The event took place in the presence of researchers and Members of the space agencies of the countries participating in the mission, among which France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

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On the next 17th of May undergraduate students attending a scientific degree course are invited to participate in the event LNF & Undergraduate Students, a new initiative by INFN Frascati National Laboratories (LNF), aiming at orienting them on master thesis.

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SuperKEKB first collisions

On the 25th of April the SuperKEKB accelerator in the KEK Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, produced its first electron-positron collisions. The Belle II detector, installed in the interaction point of the two particle beams, observed the first events deriving from the electron-positron annihilation.

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Scholarships for undergraduate students

The Frascati National Laboratories provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to prepare their master degree thesis in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics or Mathematics collaborating in one of the Laboratories’ research activity areas.

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Visit & Career Day 2018

The 2018 edition of the Visit & Career Day was held on the 16th of April. Once again the Frascati National Laboratories opened their doors to welcome students in their last year of high school, for a whole day dedicated to orientation – in terms of both university and job – with regard to STEM careers – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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