Summer Student Fellowships for scientific and technological research activities

The LNF Summer Student Program provides 5 two-month fellowships for scientific and technological training activities for university students or recent graduates to be carried out at the Frascati National Laboratory of INFN, focusing on the following activity:

“Summer Student Fellowships for scientific and technological research activities”


In the scientific sector:

  • Particle accelerators.
  • Data analysis for nuclear/subnuclear physics experiments.
  • Construction and operation of particle detectors.
  • Signal detection and processing techniques.
  • Simulations and Monte Carlo methods.
  • Accelerators and detectors for medical applications, medical diagnostics.
  • Applications of accelerators in the energy sector.
  • Applications of accelerators in materials science, cultural heritage, and nanotechnologies.
  • Development of equipment for the space sector.

In the technological-application sector:

  • Mechanical, vacuum, and ultra-vacuum design.
  • Analog, digital, and power electronics.
  • Control and feedback systems for complex and distributed plants.
  • Signal processing, sensors, and actuators.
  • Cryogenic systems.
  • Data acquisition systems, processing, storage.
  • Data analysis systems, distributed computing.

Each scholarship has a duration of 2 months. Applications for participation in the competition must be completed and submitted electronically to INFN through the website notice 26508 by no later than 23:59:59 on April 10, 2024.

The projects for 2024 are available at this link.