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Hot QCD Matters

17 maggio @ 10:00 - 19 maggio @ 17:00

Aim of the workshop:

Strongly-interacting matter at extreme conditions of temperature and density is a major subject of research in both theoretical and experimental communities. Experiments with ultra-relativistic nuclei at RHIC and LHC create matter at extremely high temperatures, where quark-gluon plasma is formed and studied, reproducing in laboratory conditions which were realized  in the Early Universe. According to the Big Bang Theory this state of matter existed in the Universe roughly between 20 pico-s and 20 micro-s after the BigBang. At a very high density, a cold quark-gluon plasma as well as other exotic phases (quarkyonic, colour superconducting) might exist in the core of neutron stars, outside the reach of current experiments. The analysis of strongly-coupled systems requires non-perturbative methods such as lattice QCD or functional renormalization group. These studies have provided information of the phases and thermodynamics of QCD at equilibrium. On the other hand, the state of matter produced in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions reaches equilibrium only for a very short time. It is a major challenge of contemporary studies to develop theoretical and phenomenological tools which link the experimental observations with the predictions of the fundamental theory at equilibrium.

The aim of this 3-day meeting is to convene experts to stimulate an informal discussion on hot QCD and related topics. We plan to have only three talks each day, and plenty of time to discuss some of the open issues in heavy-ion theory and measurements. The equation of state of nuclear matter and its relation with the observations of astrophysical compact objects and gravitational waves will also be debated. The general approach and format of the workshop will be pedagogical, the audience ranging from hot-QCD experts to graduate students, and should favour extended discussion among participants.


Nestor Armesto                  (Santiago de Compostela U.)
Werner Becker                   (MPE Garching)
Jean-Paul Blaizot                (CEA Saclay)
Fiorella Burgio                            (INFN Catania)
Leticia Cunqueiro                (Muenster U.)
Massimo D'Elia                         (Pisa U.)
Valeria Ferrari                    (Rome U.)
Enrico Scomparin                (INFN Turin)
Urs Wiedemann                  (CERN)



17 maggio @ 10:00
19 maggio @ 17:00
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