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ICFDT5 – 5th International Conference on Frontier in Diagnostic Technologies

Overview ICFDT is an interdisciplinary conference, jointly organized by INFN and ENEA Frascati laboratories, aimed at bringing together scientists, engineers and also experts from industries. Contributions are welcome from the frontiers of diagnostics in different areas of research: high energy and accelerator physics and technology, nuclear fusion plasmas, space and astrophysics research, medical applications, lasers physics and technology, etc., to discuss common interests in concepts and realization of measurement systems. Special focus of this 5th ICFDT edition will be on proposals/projects/ideas for novel measurement systems with a high degree of reliability and innovation to mark significant progress in the diagnostic techniques for Advanced Accelerators, Innovative Nuclear Fusion Devices, Metamaterials and the Detection of Fast and Ultra-fast Events. The ICFDT5 will have seven oral plenary sessions and a poster session Important dates: 18 June 2018  Abstract Submission Deadline 15 July 2018   Abstract Acceptance Notification 31 July 2018   Early Registration Deadline 14 Sept. 2018 Late Registration Deadline 3-5 Oct. 2018 Conference Convened

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Quantum Complex Matter 2018

Quantum Complex Matter Rome – Frascati National Laboratory, June, 11-15 2018 (arrival day: June 10th ; departure day: June 16th)   Chairpersons Antonio Bianconi (RICMASS), Augusto Marcelli (LNF-INFN), Tomo Uemura (Columbia University)   Scientific Advisory Committee Gabriel Aeppli, Piers Coleman, Andrea Cavalleri, Andrei Chubukov, Seamus Davis, Albert Fert, Atushi Fujimori, Philip Kim, Gabi Kotliar, Masatoshi Imada, Yoshihiro Iwasa, Alessandra Lanzara, Sadamichi Maekawa, Giancarlo Strinati, Kees van der Beek, Valerii Vinokur, Xiao Dong Xu, Qikun Xue   International QCM2018 Conference joint with QCM2018 School QCM2018 will highlight recent advances in all major fields in quantum phenomena in complex condensed matter. This is a multi-purpose meeting of activities based on the Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP) lecture courses and selected topics of Superstripes conferences. Invited and leading contributed papers will focus on research sub-fields of correlated electron systems (superconductivity and magnetism, Mott transition, quantum criticality, multi-band Hubbard model, Lifshitz transitions), nano science (graphene, TMDC, QHE, topological and 2-d materials, Fano resonances), spintronics (Skyrmions, itinerant electron magnetism, spin current, magnetic memory), cold atoms (Hubbard Model, Feshbach Resonances, BEC-BCS crossover) and complex systems (Nanoscale phase separation) to promote discussions and collaboration among researchers of different sub-fields. The QCM 2018 conference is integrated with QCM 2018 School with Educational Courses for students and young researchers. The lecture contents of the course will be announced later. All invited speakers and participants are kindly invited and urged to register at the web-site at earliest convenience. The topics of interest, can be found on the web site. Full-text papers ...

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Experimental searches for axions and axion-like particles

Axions and other very light axion-like particles (ALPs) appear in many extensions of the Standard Model, and are leading candidates to compose part or all of the missing matter of the Universe. They also appear in models of inflation, dark radiation, or even dark energy, and could solve some long-standing astrophysical anomalies. The physics case of these particles has been considerably developed in recent years, and there are now useful guidelines and powerful motivations to attempt experimental detection. Admittedly, the lack of positive signal of new physics at the high energy frontier, and in underground detectors searching for weakly interacting massive particles, is also contributing to the increase of the interest in axion searches. The experimental landscape is rapidly evolving, with many novel detection concepts and new experiments being proposed lately. I will review the different experimental strategies being followed to search for ALPs potentially composing our dark matter galactic halo, as well as ALPs emitted by the Sun or produced at laboratories. I will focus on the new experimental approaches and their complementarity, but will also review the most relevant recent results from the consolidated strategies and the prospects of new generation experiments under consideration in the field. I will discuss the prospects to probe a large fraction of relevant parameter space in the coming decade.

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XIX FRASCATI SPRING SCHOOL “BRUNO TOUSCHEK” in Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics

The XIX LNF Spring School “Bruno Touschek” in Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics will take place at the INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy from Monday, May 7th to Friday, May 11th, 2018. The School is intended for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in theoretical and experimental high-energy physics. The 2018 edition of the School includes lectures on selected theoretical and experimental topics, discussion sessions, and the 6th Young Researchers Workshop on `Physics Challenges in the LHC Era’, which will take place on Monday, May 7th and on Thursday, May 10th, 2018. Students planning to participate in the School are strongly encouraged to apply to give a presentation of their research in the Workshop. The XIX LNF Spring School program will also feature the Spring School Colloquium `The Origin of Life The Incredible Experiments of the Evolution in the Primordial Seas’, given by Marco Signore, Senior Researcher at Stazione Zoologica ‘Anton Dohrn’, Naples. The 2018 edition of the School consists of six sets of lectures, divided equally between theoretical and experimental topics, two discussion sessions, and the Spring School Colloquium on Science and Technology. Lecture topics: Dark Sectors: Theory Experimental Searches for Axions and Axion-Like Particles Experimental Searches for Dark Photons Top-quark and Higgs Physics at the LHC: Theory and Experiments Gravitational Waves: Theory, Detectors and Data Analysis Invited Speakers: Maxim Pospelov (Victoria U. & Perimeter Inst. & CERN) Igor Irastorza (Zaragoza U.) Venelin Kozhuharov (Sofia U. & INFN LNF) Fabio Maltoni (CP3, Louvain Catholic U.) Marumi Kado (La Sapienza ...

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Development of a Next-generation High-intensity Muon Beam at the Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)

The quest for the Intensity Frontier by future muon experiments is a global challenge, which has led to the development of a variety of muon sources around the globe, meeting the contrasting demands of such experiments. A brief overview of experimental requirements, existing muon beam lines and future plans is given. The status of the design study for a new High- intensity Muon Beam at the Paul Scherrer Insitut in Switzerland, aiming for surface muon beam intensities of O 10/10 per second will be presented.

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SeminarIndustriali 2018

L’INFN e i Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati portano avanti una intensa attività di ricerca tecnologica i cui prodotti, oltre che nella ricerca fondamentale, trovano applicazione in diversi campi di interesse sia sociale che industriale. In questo ciclo di seminari, dedicati ognuno a tecnologie e infrastrutture di interesse per un determinato settore, i LNF vogliono continuare il dialogo aperto con altri Enti, Università, Istituzioni ed Imprese in occasione dell’Open Day Imprese a Giugno 2017. Calendario Seminari 2018 Tecnologie per i Beni culturali: infrastrutture e servizi INFN per il Trasferimento Tecnologico – 8 Febbraio 2018 THz per Applicazioni Scientifiche e Trasferimento Tecnologico – 10 Aprile 2018 !CHAOS – Giugno 2018 LNF e le tecnologie per lo Spazio: Laboratori di test e calibrazione – Ottobre 2018 Le tecnologie di magneti e vuoto: infrastrutture e servizi – Dicembre 2018

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