DAΦNE takes a well deserved break

0050The DAΦNE accelerator complex has just completed the second cycle of operations, Run II, aimed at providing data to the KLOE-2 experiment.

According the schedule DAΦNE had to deliver to the detector 1.5 fb-1 integrated luminosity during nine months of operation.  However, when the collider stopped, one month in advance with respect to the program, delivered integrated luminosity was of the order of ~2 fb-1, a 33% higher than the agreed value.

During Run II DAΦNE achieved record performances in terms of instantaneous as well as delivered integrated luminosity:

Instantaneous luminosity L ≈ 2.18 * 1032 cm-2s-1
Best hourly integrated luminosity L∫1h ≈ 0.63 pb-1
Best 24 hours integrated luminosity L∫24h ≈ 14  pb-1
Best monthly integrated luminosity L∫month ≈ 280 pb-1

The total integrated luminosity delivered right now, adding the harvest of Run I and Run II is of the order of 3 fb-1, a quite positive result indeed.

The DAΦNE shutdown has been anticipated to allow several mending interventions and a major consolidation program concerning the cryogenic plant. All this in order to be ready, by the second half of September, not only to produce physics events for the KLOE-2 detector, but also to push the collider performances toward new record values.