Dafne to start over with a new challenging program

The impulse (magenta track) of the electron beam produced by LINAC’s new gun at DAFNE

The particle accelerator DAFNE is in full warm-up to start again with KLOE-2’s Run-3.

All of the tests on its machinery and many subsystems have been completed.
The updates of the summer maintenance have been checked, and they will improve DAFNE’s performances and operational reliability.

In fact, the procedures implemented within the control system have been optimized, the diagnostics devoted to monitoring the lines carrying the beams have been enhanced, LINAC has a new impulse generator (which will allow the high intensity needed for the beam of the future experiment PADME) and the cryogenic system has a new compressor which ensures the operation of KLOE-2’s superconductor solenoid.

The program aims at increasing the data volume provided to the KLOE-2 experiment, optimizing the electron and positron beams’ behavior that, interacting within DAFNE’s heart, produce a flux of events with unique characteristics.