Experiments in BTF orbit

The activity of the Beam Test Facility (BTF) of the Frascati National Laboratory included two operating slots (test beams) to test, for the first time, as many experimental apparatuses born in two distinct INFN collaborations and Chinese scientific and government institutes.

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Completed the installation of the RICH detector at the Jefferson Laboratory

On June 2, the second module of the RICH detector (Ring Imaging Cherenkov) was installed in the CLAS12 spectrometer at the Jefferson Laboratory in the USA. This marked the completion of an adventure lasting more than 10 years, which started in 2011 when the physicists of the Frascati National Laboratories proposed the construction of a detector allowing the identification, in energy zones not otherwise accessible, of particles with the “strange” quark s (K mesons). This to permit the CLAS12 experiment to broaden the research field on the structure of the nucleon and the role that quarks and gluons play in it.

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Published on Nature the new results of SPARC_LAB

The SPARC_LAB research team at the Frascati National Laboratory has recently demonstrated that the plasma-based acceleration technique allows to obtain an high-quality particle beam, comparable to the beams produced in traditional accelerators.

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TEX, an X-band test facility at LNF

TEX (TEst stand for X-band) is the new infrastructure at LNF, co-funded by the LATINO project, devoted to the radiofrequency (RF) in X-band and, in general, to the development of all the technologies and systems related to a particle accelerator.

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The Resmini award to Gemma Costa

Gemma Costa’s PhD thesis, “Design study of plasma targets for laser-driven wakefield acceleration experiments”, has been selected as one of the winners of the “Francesco Resmini” National Prize for the year 2021. The prize is awarded to PhD students with a thesis in the field of Accelerator Physics and New Technologies.

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