Fermilab 2021 Summer Student School

The 2021 edition of the Fermilab Summer Student School took place from the 2nd to the 4th of August at the Frascati National Laboratory.

The school, co-organized by the University of Pisa and LNF, was attended by 28 Engineering and Physics students coming from several Italian universities, who have been selected to participate in the Summer Student internship at Fermilab, and involved many speakers either INFN or from foreign universities and research centres. The event substituted the Fermilab internship that didn’t took place because of the Covid19 pandemic, allowing students to have a concrete idea of the research activities through seminars dedicated to the ongoing Particle Physics experiments and in preparation at Fermilab (Muon (g-2)Mu2e, MicroBooNE, Icarus, DUNE) and to the related technology developments (superconducting magnets, accelerators, scientific computing, quantum computing).

Students had also the possibility to visit some of the key sites of our Laboratory like the Visitor Centre, KLOE, DAΦΝΕ and DAΦΝΕ-Light and took part to the experimental activities organized by the g-2 and Mu2e researchers.