XVIII Spring School


The XVIII Spring School of the Frascati National Laboratories will be held this year from Monday, May 9th to Friday, May 13th. The program includes six sets of theoretical/experimental lectures on Dark Matter (A. Ibarra/M. Schumann), Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (W. Rodejohann/S. Schönert), Searches for New Particles at the LHC (T. Plehn/O. Buchmueller) and the Spring School Colloquium “The SETI Project – Explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the Universe” delivered by the Director of the Center for SETI research, Professor Seth Shostak.

Jointly with the XVIII LNF Spring School, the 5th Young Researchers Workshop “Physics Challenges in the LHC Era” will take place on May 9th-12th afternoon: young researchers will present the results of their research works.

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