A tribute to Guido Altarelli: four Lectures on Particle Physics Phenomenology

evento_roma_tre_altarelliOn December 19, 2016, 09:30 am, at Mathematics and Physics Department, University of Roma Tre, four Lectures on Particle Physics Phenomenology dedicated to the memory of Guido Altarelli.

One year after his departure, the INFN divisions of Roma and Roma Tre, together with the Physics Department of Sapienza University of Rome and the Mathematics and Physics Department of the University of Roma Tre, honor the memory of Guido Altarelli with one day of lectures on physics topics that he liked and to which he gave important contributions.

The lectures are aimed at PhD students and young postdocs, but the participation of anyone interested in particle physics phenomenology is welcome.

Guido and his scientific legacy will be remembered in a dedicated talk.

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