The Vice Minister Fioramonti in visit at LNF

On the 6th of May the Honorable Prof. Lorenzo Fioramonti, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), visited Frascati National Laboratories, particularly the Experimental Hall of DAFNE accelerator and its Control Room, and experienced the Visitor Centre dissemination tour.

Recently Prof. Fioramonti has become promoter of a working table on the Economy of Science and Knowledge, involving a close cooperation among bodies of the territory and local universities and research institutions, aiming at the cultural development of the area that includes the south-east quadrant of the City of Rome (VI and VII municipalities) and the Roman Castles, hosting one of the highest concentrations of research centres in Europe.

“Research is an extremely important fly-wheel for the economic development of our country and should sit at the core of the economic planning, also and above all in view of the new budget law, in which we hope the Government will allocate significant resources to relaunch research and training at national level” declared the Honorable Fioramonti during the visit. “In particular, the part of the territory including Frascati, the Roman Castles area and South Rome is a jewel, not only for its solid tradition in research, almost secular, but also for its great potential in demonstrating that research and training are crucial for the local economic development, thus for a widespread prosperity. Soon, with a protocol of understanding among the cities in reference, public research institutes and local universities it will be possible to experiment a program of scientific collaboration for throws again of the territory”.

“The visit of the Vice Minister is particularly significant” added Pierluigi Campana, Director of the Laboratories, “since it proves the attention to our activities in the fields of fundamental physics, technology transfer and scientific dissemination, the pillars of the research activity carried out with passion by the Laboratories”.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF