The colours of Ancient Rome in a new “light”

Spectroscopic investigations for the reconstruction of the frescoes of the Roman Villa della Piscina and for the restoration of the artworks of Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia. These are some of the activities of the ADAMO (Analysis, DiAgnostics and MOnitoring) project for the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage of the Roman area, funded by the Lazio Region within the new Technological District for Cultural Heritage (DTC), in which INFN participates in collaboration with the public universities of Lazio (La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia, Cassino and Lazio Meridionale) as well as the research institutions CNR and ENEA (

In these days, the ADAMO project measurement campaigns have officially begun, where a direct interaction with the companies of the Cultural Heritage sector and the transfer of the technologies developed by the INFN and the other participating partners is planned. Among the technologies made available by the INFN in the ADAMO project there is the DAFNE-L synchrotron radiation facility, which has one of the most advanced instrumentations in this sector, for the characterization of stratigraphic sections through micro – IR spectroscopy. The analyses are part of the INFN activities within the CHNet (Cultural Heritage Network) network.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF 

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