New upgrade for ATLAS in Frascati


Atlas, one of the major LHC experiments, is starting a new upgrade in Frascati. In fact, the first of a number of detectors for small angle muon detection was successfully completed and sent over at CERN in Geneva. The LNF researchers, in collaboration with the colleagues of the experiment, have already started the testing on particle beams.

The first chamber of the upgrade of the ATLAS muon pectrometer at low angle has been built. The detector has been shipped at CERN and now it is taking data in the H8 test beam area.  It is the largest Micromegas detector ever built and has an active area of about of 2 m2. The chamber  is made by four independent active layers allowing the reconstruction of the charged particle trajectory with an accuracy of about 100 μm per layer. The series production will start soon and 32 chambers of this type will be built in less than 2 years.
This achievement is the result of the INFN collaboration made of the Laboratori  Nazionali di Frascati and of the sites of Pavia, Roma 1, Roma Tre, Napoli, Lecce and Cosenza. It is important to stress the fundamental contribution of engineer and of technicians.
The role of Italian industry has been particularly relevant. In particular, the most delicate part of the detector (the large size PCB’s) has been made by ELTOS (Arezzo) following the CERN-INFN design.