Gihan Kamel: from DAFNE to SESAME

Gihan Kamel, the only woman in the scientific staff of SESAME, studied in Italy before getting to the particle accelerator that is going to start running in a few weeks in Jordan.

In 2014, she conducted advanced research in biophysics and infrared spectroscopy at the synchrotron light Laboratory DAFNE Luce, at the National Laboratory of Frascati. The Egyptian researcher was teaching at the Physics department of the Science Faculty in Helwan University, Egypt, when she was selected for a post-doc contract in Frascati.

“Gihan fit the profile perfectly, having completed a doctoral thesis in this field at the Sapienza University in Rome. She spent 13 months with us, and in that time we produced extremely interesting results. She is definitely a remarkable person,” said Antonella Balerna, manager of the DAFNE Light Laboratory.
Around the time her contract in Frascati was ending, Gihan applied to a selection for SESAME (Synchrotron light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East), the accelerator dedicated to synchrotron light research that was being built in Jordan. They were looking for a manager for the infrared spectroscopy line, and as a matter of fact, she got the job.

SESAME, which has been involving in team-work countries such as Israel, Palestinian Authorities, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, Iran and Bahrein, represents a bright hope for a future in which science could have an important role.
LNF contributed to several aspects of the SESAME project. Among these, the development of elements of the machine, the design of user buildings, as well as diagnostics, in collaboration with Sincrotrone Trieste. Furthermore, the Laboratory takes part in an educational programme for the staff, including courses for young researchers.

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