FCCWEEK2016 – Future Circular Collider study

fccw2016Rome, 11-15 April 2016

The Future Circular Collider Study (FCC) explores different designs of circular colliders for the post-LHC era. Reaching higher energies and unprecedented luminosities would allow us to explore the fundamental laws of nature and probe yet unexplained observations.

The second Annual Meeting of the FCC study brings together the leading minds in engineering and science to exchange information about the design progress and to set the goals for the coming years. Here, dedicated technology and R&D programmes, ready to be launched at the international level, will be presented and discussed. New links between research institutes will be forged and the core collaboration will strengthen its bonds. The meeting will also serve as EuroCirCol collaboration meeting, with several sessions covering the main activities of this EU co-funded programme.

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