Farewell to Pio Picchi

Pio Picchi, a very unique scientist, passed away. With his original contributions, especially in the field of detector development, he had been marking the history of INFN experimental physics for 50 years.He stood out for his enthusiastic personality, as well as his attractive and brilliant way of working.

He started his activity working at the Cosmogeophysics Institute of Turin under the guide of Prof. Castagnoli, with experiments on cosmic rays carried out in the laboratories of Monte dei Cappuccini and Monte Bianco Tunnel. Very young he became full professor in Turin, then he addressed his scientific interest towards CERN with one of the first participation of the Frascati group to the big collaboration (FRAMM) and then in ALEPH, where he guided the construction of the hadron calorimeter with streamer tubes. At a later time, he abandoned accelerator physics to dedicate himself full-time to the study of big liquid argon detectors for ICARUS at Gran Sasso Laboratory, communicating his passion to a large group of young people, despite the hard condition due to his disease.

We will always remember him for the smile of those who have an incredible passion for understanding and experimenting, a passion he was able to infuse to young generations and to all of us who had the chance to know and appreciate him.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF