ESPP2020 moving towards Granada

“The Flammarion Engraving” (unknown artist)

The more than 160 contributions to the European Strategy for Particle Physics 2020, produced by Research Institutes, Laboratories, collaborations and groups of researchers active in high energy physics and related technologies, are now freely accessible. That is crucial to drawing up the document outlining the sector perspectives in the years ahead (the last “strategy” was completed in 2013).

Next step for the two international teams tasked with the analysis and synthesis of the contributions (the Preparatory Physics Group and the European Strategy Group) will be Granada: the Spanish city will host a real “Town Meeting” (Open Symposium, May 13-16) in which the community will discuss the strategies for the coming decade.

The INFN takes part to this stage with various contributions: a general Institute contribution, other ones related to the National Scientific Committees and on scientific assessment.

Also the Frascati National Laboratories submitted a document describing activities and medium to long-term local projects in the field of fundamental physics, accelerator technologies, and third mission (technological transfer and dissemination).

ESPP2020 work will conclude during the spring of 2020 with a document ready to be submitted to the CERN Council.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF