100th anniversary of Giorgio Salvini’s birth

Giorgio Salvini and the Frascati National Laboratories group

Today, on the 24th of April 2020, is the centennial of Giorgio Salvini’s birth.
Unforgettable reference figure in the scientific world in a crucial post-war period, we owe him a lot of what followed: the golden years of Particle Physics in Italy.

When he was only 33, he was responsible for implementing the electron synchrotron, among the first in Europe, and he was also among the founders of Frascati National Laboratories, of which he became the first Director. He was one of the key figures of Particle Physics research in Italy: in the ‘60s he became the INFN President, then Minister of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research during Dini’s Government, as well as the President of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei over 1990-1994.
Beyond the countless academic titles, Giorgio Salvini was an inspiring character for everybody, a passionate and engaging teacher, alway willing, in the front row for science, peace, and for the progress of our country and the whole world.
On his birthday, we remember him with one of his thoughts: “Confident in a better and better future, I think every human being – as homo sapiens – can be vehicle of evolution, giving his contribute to that great and wonderful spectacle of Nature”.
To him, the admiration and memory of the Laboratory and INFN, which he always deeply loved.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF