The MoonLIGHT-2 collaboration aims to study the physics of gravitation by measuring, using the Laser Ranging technique (possibly coupled with Microwave Ranging measurements), the distance between the Earth and other celestial bodies (namely, the Moon and Mars).

Several laser retroreflectors were developed by the SCF_Lab Team to complete the task just described; amongst the other:

  • MoonLIGHT: single solid retroreflector for Lunar Laser Ranging measurements, which will fly in the years 2020-2022.
    • Family of laser microreflectors for planetary geology measurements, object of strategic missions of NASA (InSight 2018, Mars 2020) and ESA (ExoMars).
    • Two such payloads were launched in 2016: INRRI e LaRRI, respectively with the ESA ExoMars 2016 mission (dedicated to the Italian Astronomer Schiaparelli), and in 2018 with the NASA InSight 2018 mission.

At Frascati National Laboratories, the SCF_Lab is in operation, for the design, development, manufacturing, and space qualification of all kinds of laser retroreflectors for the whole Solar System.

Latest modified: 26 February 2020