Group photo from INTERLAB 2021
During the days 12-13-14 January 2021, the first edition of the meeting INTERLAB 2021 has gathered together more than 100 scientists engineers and technicians from Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, ENEA C. R. Frascati, CNR, and from several other Universities and research institutes, with the aim of exploring the possible synergies in the development of accelerators dedicated to light sources and to other applications.

This is an exciting period for Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (LNF) together with the research centres and universities in the same geographical area, as ENEA, CNR and Tor Vergata. At Elettra the design of the new Synchrotron, Elettra 2.0, is quickly progressing, and important updates of FERMI, the externally seeded free-electron facility running since 2010 in Trieste, are planned.  At LNF the construction of a completely new, innovative infrastructure with the potential to produce science both in the field of new acceleration techniques and in the field of photonics is being designed. This source has the potential to become complementary to FERMI, broadening the offer of photon factories in Italy and in Europe at large.
Several aspects of the design of an accelerator and of a free-electron laser were addressed, including the design of undulators, of diagnostics, of radio frequency components and of the control systems, of paramount importance in managing the large number of devices necessary for running facilities. The prospects for collaboration between the labs and the universities were analysed and presented in the closing session.
Hopefully the outcome of these collaborations will continue well beyond the time of the workshop and will favour the future exchange of ideas, of skilled labor and design of components between the participants. This will also strengthen the national scientific community as a recognised top-class actor in the global accelerator and photon physics scenario.