BTF2 transfer line ready to start

The great adventure of the Beam Test Facility (BTF) continues with a new line, BTF 2, whose installation and check of the services status have just been completed.

The BTF2 has required a long design, started years ago, discussed and reviewed by the community of the Accelerator Division and Technical Division of LNF. The installation of the line was challenging due to the very narrow spaces and the tight technical specifications; furthermore, this phase has been spaced out by several experimental activities that involved the primary line, BTF1, precluding its finalization.

BTF2 is housed in the existing experimental hall and it is very close to the BTF1 components: through a pulsed dipole that reaches more than 300 ampere in less than a tenth of a second, the bunches of particles are extracted from BTF1 and transferred in the hall that was formerly the control room. The “regenerated” experimental hall is equipped with a new shielding, new technology-based components for the preparation of the users experimental setup, for the readout and the data distribution of several detectors ready for testing the first beams.

A new hall has been equipped to host both the control and protection systems of the power supplies of the six quadrupoles, four dipoles, corrector magnets that are necessary to transfer the bunches of particles. In addition there are also a dumper, a target, a scraper and the apparatus for the ultra-high vacuum (stable around 10-9 mbar), whose communication and control systems are in the experimental hall.

In the previous years another control room, close to the DAFNE’s one, has been realized and set for the operation: this room is ready to host national and international experimental groups once the ongoing commissioning of the beam and of the entire facility is completed.