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XXI LNF SPRING SCHOOL “BRUNO TOUSCHEK” in Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics

13 Maggio @ 9:00 - 17 Maggio @ 19:00

The XXI LNF Spring School “Bruno Touschek” in Nuclear, Subnuclear and Astroparticle Physics will take place at the INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy from Monday, May 13th to Friday, May 17th, 2024.

The School is addressed to graduate students and young post-doctoral fellows in theoretical and experimental high-energy, nuclear and astroparticle physics. The 2024 edition of the School includes lectures on selected theoretical and experimental topics, discussion sessions, a colloquium and the 8th Young Researchers Workshop on “Physics Challenges in the LHC Era”, scheduled on Monday, May 13th and on Thursday, May 16th. Students and postdocs planning to participate in the School are strongly encouraged to apply to give a presentation of their research in the workshop, by sending an email to the school chair, with the proposed talk title. The contributions will be published in Frascati Physics Series. The registration fee is 150 euros. A few fellowships covering the registration fee and/or accommodation are available for selected participants giving talks.

Topics and lecturers:

Theories Beyond the Standard Model  (Veronica Sanz)

BSM physics at high energies: an experimental review (Steven Lowette)

Searches for BSM physics at low energy: a theory overview                           (Martin Alonso Gonzalez)

The g-2 experiment: status and prospects of precision tests of the Standard Model with muons (Graziano Venanzoni)

Neutrino theory and phenomenology (Gabriela Barenboim)

Probing neutrino masses in the laboratory (Christoph Wiesinger)

Neutrinoless double-beta decay search: experimental aspects                     (Riccardo Brugnera)

Modelling nuclear processes in stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis       (Alberto Mengoni)

Nuclear physics in plasma (Domenico Santonocito)

Local Organizing Committee:

  1.  Arias Aragon, E. Bagnaschi, G. Corcella (Chair), E. Nardi, A. Paoloni, S. Pisano, D. Sengupta, M. Testa.

International Advisory Committee:

  1. Carli, P. Decowski, E. Ferreiro Gonzalez, B. Fuks, T. Gershon, O. Mena Requejo

Secretariat: M. Legramante

Contacts:, +39 0694032791.


13 Maggio @ 9:00
17 Maggio @ 19:00
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