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Strong interaction, one of the four fundamental interactions in the Universe, is described by quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Many aspects of QCD, especially at low energies, remain unclear due to the lack of experimental data. The SIDDHARTA2 (under preparation) and AMADEUS (in the design stage) experiments have as their objective to make unique measurements at a global level on strong interaction, using particles called kaons, which consist of a quark and an antiquark (one of the two with “strangeness”), produced by the DAΦNE accelerator of the National Laboratory of Frascati. SIDDHARTA2, successor of SIDDHARTA (which made the best measurement worldwide of kaonic hydrogen), studies the formation and decay of exotic atoms, in particular of kaonic deuterium, while AMADEUS will make precision measurements of the interaction of kaons in various nuclear targets. The results will provide a better understanding of QCD in the sector with strangeness (i.e. where there is the strange quark) and will also have important consequences in astrophysics for the study of neutron stars.  Both SIDDHARTA2 and AMADEUS use cutting-edge technologies (detectors and acquisition systems) which could have important applications in medicine, biology and industry.

Latest modified: 24 May 2016