TUAREG is a three-years experiment proposal (2020-2022) aiming at the design, construction and high power tests of a C-band (fRF=5.712 GHz) RF electron gun to be operated at very high cathode peak field (>200 MV/m).

The strategy to achieve this goal is based on the adoption, in the design and realization phases, of all criteria used in high gradient technology and, in particular, in the design and test of X band (fRF=12 GHz) structures developed for the Linear Collider Projects (NCL, JLC and CLIC). The impact of this type of device in terms of achievable beam brightness and beam emittance is extremely important for all facilities requiring high brightness electron beams such as FEL, radiation sources, Thomson/Compton photon sources and plasma based accelerators. Moreover, since the device is designed to reduce as much as possible the required duration of the high power RF pulses (<200 ns), it is expected to support high repetition rate operation, hopefully up to 1 kHz. In parallel to the cavity design and construction, activities related to beam dynamics simulations, dark current studies and solenoid design will be also performed to produce a complete study on the full potentialities of this novel device.

Latest modified: 26 October 2020