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Roger Penrose at Frascati National Laboratories

Prof. Sir Roger Penrose, University of Oxford, will give a lecture on his vision about how to solve the tension between general relativity and quantum mechanics, with the title: “Wave-function Collapse as a Resolution of a Tension between General Relativity and Quantum Theory” on September 25th, 2019 at 16:15 in Bruno Touschek Auditorium.
The talk is organized within the workshop “Is Quantum Theory exact? From quantum foundations to quantum applications” which will be held at LNF in the period 23-27 September 2019.

Roger Penrose has made important contributions to the mathematical physics of general relativity and cosmology. He has received several prizes and awards, including the 1988 Wolf Prize for physics, which shared with Stephen Hawking for the Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems, the Dirac Medal (1989) and the Einstein Medal (1990).

Free admission upon reservation

More details related to the workshop can be found on the dedicated web-page: