logo-limadouThe CSES – LIMADOU project is a space mission meant to study the possible correlations between seismic events and the Van Allen belts’ perturbations in the magnetosphere. Installed on the Chinese satellite CSES (China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite), the experiment will carry out measurements and observations with the ultimate goal of researching variability in the electromagnetic environment around Earth (like the electromagnetic fields and waves, the ionospheric anomalies, or the drop of energy particles on the Van Allen belts) and developing new monitoring methods of geophysical phenomena on a large scale, such as earthquakes.
More generally, the CSES-LIMADOU mission will investigate the ionosphere’s structure and dynamic, for what concerns the coupling mechanisms among the lower and upper layers of plasm, and the temporal variations of the geomagnetic field of Earth in a state of rest and perturbation. Data garnered by this mission will also allow the study of Sun-Earth interactions and solar phenomena, especially the Coronal Mass Ejections (CME), solar flares and solar modulation of cosmic rays.

This mission comes as a result of a cooperation program between the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), developed by the China Earthquake Administration (CEA) and the INFN.

The satellite will be launched by the first half of 2017 and the mission will last for an estimated time of five years.

Latest modified: 24 May 2016