One year of eRAD in LAerospaZIO

The first year of operations of the project “eRAD – Tests of radiation resistance of aerospace components“ has ended. The eRAD project has been presented by INFN-LNF, IMT srl and ASI in the framework of “Strategic Porjects”, public notice by Lazio Region and will receive a grant of 857.597€. The participation of ENEA, ASI, INFN and Hypatia research consortium regards one common project and six R&D projects, coordinated by LAerospaZIO. The projects is related to technologies, typical products and materials of the Aerospace sector that is priority  for the “Regional Innovation Strategy” of Lazio Region.

eRAD foresees the use of electron sources to measure the resistance of electronics components that will be exposed to radiation in the space environment. The obtained results will be compared to the measurements performed with photons to define the comparative resistance thresholds and related indicators. The deep knowledge of the space radiation environment and the mechanism of damage induced by radiation is fundamental to identify the suitable procedures of qualification of electronics components used in space.

In the first year, there have been carried out several technology-related activities that are preliminary for the tests that will be performed at the Beam Test Facility of LNF.