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Marcello Conversi, a physicist from Tivoli, on the 100th anniversary of his birth

On Friday 8th of September 17.00 h, Auditorium of Convitto Nazionale “Amedeo di Savoia duca di Aosta” – Tivoli On the 100th anniversary of the birth of the physicist Marcello Conversi, the Rotary Club of Tivoli, under the patronage of the municipality, will offer the chance to watch “I ragazzi di via Giulia”, a documentary dedicated to the Conversi-Pancini-Piccioni experiment.

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Micro-RWELL becomes big

The first micro-RWELL, produced in 2009, easily fitted inside a drawer of the KLOE/LHCb clean room. It had an active area of 5 x 5 cm2 and it had not even been set on a PCB yet. 

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OpenLabs 2017 Special

OpenLabs 2017- Playing with Science! 2100 enthusiastic participants to the LNF open day proved that playing with science is possible! Physics theorems mixed up with juggling, interactive labs and original scientific talks, all this contributed to create a festive atmosphere around the world of science.

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LNF Summer residential stages are a go

It’s all ready to start with the 18th edition of the LNF Summer residential stages. The Labs will receive more than 100 high school students from all over the country who will experience the working reality of an international research center.

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The SESAME light source, the first regional laboratory for the Middle East located at Allan in Jordan, was officially opened the 16th of May 2017. The INFN-Frascati National Laboratory (LNF) has been involved in different activities related to the construction and training of the staff of this important facility.

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Italian Prizes at IPAC17

Great success of Italian researcher at the International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC17 that was held in Copenaghen from Sunday to Friday, 14 to 19 May, 2017.

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