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ATLAS is the largest piece of equipment at LHC, with a length of 26 m and a maximum diameter of 22 m.

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CYGNO is a detector under construction at INFN Frascati National Laboratories for the detection of dark matter and neutrinos coming from the Sun. Its main characteristic is the ability to see - like a telescope - in a determined direction.

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NUCLEAAR is one of the projects of the Research and Development (R&D) section of the INFN Vth Committee, which addresses the scientific and technological challenges necessary to pushing forward the next research frontiers on accelerators.

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JUNO is an experiment dedicated to the measurement of the neutrino mass hierarchy, one of the main issues still open in particle physics.

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A Large Ion Collider Experiment
ALICE is a LHC experiment in which lead nuclei collisions are studied. Using the nuclei of atoms with many protons and neutrons, the collision energy is such to create a plasma of quarks and gluons: a state of matter that existed a few millionth of a second right after the Big Bang, in extreme density and temperature conditions.

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Silicon Drift Detectors for Hadronic Atom Research by Timing Application 2.
SIDDHARTA2 performs unique measurements at a global level on strong interaction, using kaons produced by DAΦNE.

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