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An e-learning portal for scientific dissemination

The relevant years of experience acquired by National Laboratory of Frascati in the dissemination field – especially in training activities for students and teachers – gave birth to a new instrument of scientific culture diffusion: the e-learning platform AccendiScienza.This project, financed by MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) for winning the “Progetto MIUR Legge 6/2000 – Iniziative per la diffusione della cultura scientifica” (MIUR Project Law 6/2000 -Initiatives for dissemination of scientific culture – PANN15T3_00218), has been completed thanks to the collaboration with Consorzio GARR– provider for development and optimization of Moodle platforms – and the online University “G. Marconi”, leader in the e-learning sector.

Created to collect and freely make available lessons and seminars held at LNF, this web-portal contains four sections dedicated to its different targets: high school teachers, students, general public, kids and young people.

The video lessons – up to now 118 uploaded – given by INFN researchers and guests from other research areas, are offered in order to promote both teaching and learning of modern and contemporary physics, besides contributing to the desire for life-long learning of every science enthusiast, starting with children.

The mail goal of the portal – which already has a few hundred subscribers – is to enhance and give more extensiveness to the activities organized every year by the Laboratory here in Frascati by enabling remote participation too. In addition, it will be a valuable support to traditional scientific teaching and education.

AccendiScienza is a way to make it possible for everyone to get new concepts and keep informed about what happens in the world of modern physics and establish a contact – including a long-distance one – with the protagonists of research.


Translation by Camilla Paola Maglione, Communications Office INFN-LNF